Finding the right organization and project

To find an organization or project that might be interesting for you, we suggest selecting an area of computer science that is of interest to you, or a programming language you enjoy working in and then seeing if there are any project ideas related to that area or language.

All organizations and projects are tagged with categories of programming language or topics. Use those tags to filter organizations based on your skills and interests. For each organization, take some time to learn more about what they do (i.e., Google them!). The organization's mission, it's size and range of applications may all influence your interest in working with them. Realize that through Summer of Bitcoin, you will be joining an open-source community. Ideally, you'll find an organization that you are enthusiastic to be a part of.

Start by compiling a list of potential project ideas that catch your interest. For each idea, take some time to carefully consider what is being proposed, how its scope might be better defined, and how it might fit in with the larger picture.

Ultimately, find something you LOVE working on and do your homework (more on that in the next section). Finding something you love is important because you'll be working on the same project for the whole summer, and probably after too. Also, it will give mentors more hope that you might be successful with the project.

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